THIS IS NOT AN OFFERING OR SOLICITATION IN ANY JURISDICTION WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW OR WHERE PRIOR REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED BUT HAS NOT BEEN OBTAINED.  Neither Dream Hotel Group, LLC, Chatwal Hotels & Resorts, LLC, Cameron Inc. (“Developer”) nor its or their affiliates make any representation or warranty herein, concerning the development, marketing or sale of the residences. The structures, materials and recreational features and amenities described and depicted herein are based upon current development plans. The Developer reserves the right to modify, update, alter, delete or change any designs, specifications, dimensions, amenities, brands, fixtures, finishes, equipment, services, and features of this project, without notice and without incurring obligation. Specifications, dimensions, measurements, and other information in this material and other Developer materials are approximate and based upon preliminary designs and drawings and are not intended to form any part of the contract for the sale of an individual residence. Each residence, including square footage, may differ due to variations in construction. Amenities and hospitality services mentioned or depicted herein are by way of example and are subject to change at any time and without notice. All prices for the residences and the prices for the furnishing packages are subject to change at any time and without notice. This advertisement is not an offering; it is a solicitation of interest in the advertised property. No offering of the advertised property can be made and no deposits can be accepted, or reservations, binding or non-binding, can be made until an offering plan is filed with and approved by appropriate governmental authorities as required by applicable law.
The Residences at Cas en Bas By Dream Hotel Group (the “Residences”) are not owned, developed or sold by Dream Hotel Group, LLC, Chatwal Hotels & Resorts, LLC or its or their affiliates. Neither Dream Hotel Group, LLC, Chatwal Hotels & Resorts, LLC nor any of its affiliates, nor their respective officers, directors, agents or employees (collectively, “DHG”) are in any way owners, developers, offerors, promoters, issuers or underwriters of, or responsible or liable for, or are making any representations or warranties with respect to, the Developer, construction of the Residences or any affiliated hotel, any offering for sale of the real property constituting the Residences, or any increase or return on the purchase price of a Residence. DHG has not confirmed the accuracy of any of the statements or representations made herein and has not assumed and has no liability or responsibility for any financial statements, projections or other financial information contained in any sales and marketing materials, prospectus or similar written or oral statements relating to the Residences. Developer has the sole right and responsibility for the manner and means by which the Residences are sold, and for all representations in relation to the Residences. Developer has obtained rights to use the “By Dream Hotel Group” name and trademarks (“DHG Marks”) in connection with the Residences and the Hotel subject to the terms and conditions of non-exclusive license agreements which may be terminated at any time upon certain occurrences. The right to use the DHG Marks in connection with the Residences is thus not guaranteed and no such right is included in the Residence being acquired by any purchaser or any common elements associated therewith. If any of the relevant agreements are terminated, or By Dream Hotel Group ceases to manage the Hotel or Residences for any reason, use of the DHG Marks in connection with the Hotel and Residences may be terminated at DHG’s discretion.